Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Congratulations To our SLJ students!

 A summer spent relaxing, having fun AND doing some learning activities? Not possible?

With Manaiakalani's 'Summer Learning Journey' anything is possible! Our St Patrick's winners not only enjoyed their summer break but also the fun and creative learning they were a part of discovering the SLJ.

Our winners were Roneeza (now at Selwyn College), Tyrah and in top place Giselle! They all were awarded certificates and prize bags filled with exciting goodies.

Hoping we can have even more creative learners onboard this coming summer! 


Thursday, March 25, 2021

What's for dinner...

 Low cost meals... what can you cook that is economical? Let's try using mince or sausage meat.

How about a delicious meat loaf, rissoles or scotch eggs? And of course served with a heathy salad! 

CPR and Sports Injuries

 Thanks to St Johns and Nicoli for teaching us how to manage risk in our sporting endeavours and how to save someones life if they are unconscious and not breathing. Such important life skills! 

Lent and a time for New Beginnings

 This week we welcomed the arrival of 11 new baby chicks from Living Eggs. Two females and nine males. Thanks to Room 6 for hosting the hatchery and brooder! We were all amazed at the fast development of the chicks compared to human babies! 

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Making a Loaf

 This week Yr 8 had to design a loaf to sell at a school Fair. A variety of flavours were made with the most memorable (because of the delicious aroma that filled the room) being the coconut loaf!