Thursday, April 30, 2020

Animae and Covid 19

Kahoot day on the block! We started with an Animae and ended with Covid-19.
And the leaders were......

Thanks Room 8 for making me smile every morning! Missing you all!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Hunt is On!

Scavenging has been part of our last few Hangouts in Rm 8. Fortunately we have had the amazing Mrs Collins as our judge and adjudicator! Congratulations to our winners Kena and Chadwick... though I think Kena's mum might also need thanking for her juggling skills in the kitchen!!
Thanks Rm 8 for making us all smile!

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Senses By George

I lay on the green soft grass my eyes come into contact with the lovely clouds covering the sun, as I watch the cars driving by.

I hear the engines from cars roaring louder and louder. My ears instantly detect people, other people’s chit chatting. Hearing the sounds of bird chirping and singing, it sounded really great.

My nose caught the smell of fresh air flowing through the air entering my nostrils. I could smell the food from across the street.

I feel incredibly happy and grateful to be in this world, I’ve never been so grateful in my life. As I look up into the sky, it gave me old vibes - just looking back at the old days.

Something is Very Different!

School starts differently today!
Augustine Ripata

Today, my siblings and I got ready for one of the weirdest day of our lives. We changed in appropriate clothes,  brushed our teeth, and had breakfast. Then, as soon as it struck 9:00am, school for us started at home. I know what you are saying: 'Why is there school during lock down?' Well, the school I go to (I know most schools are doing this) have classes online. My siblings and I started school at home by doing work on paper and electronic device. My class has a daily time table and here it is:

I can do all the activities shown on the timetable or some, but I wanted to complete them all.

Today was weird, it was weird for me because I never had school at home. I think this is the first time in school's history that this happened. It was also pretty weird to talk and see my friends, my teacher, and my principal at their homes through google hangouts. 

I completed all the activities for today, and I am very happy that I have done it. 

I am looking forward to work some more tomorrow, and to hangout again with my teacher and my friends.

Allenah's Favourite Food in Lockdown!

My Favourite Food I Make At Home
I keep making this and it's irrestable. I love everything about it and hope you do too.

You will need:
  • A bread knife
  • Spread or butter - I'm using Lurpak
  • Bread
  • Plate
  • Sugar - Only  little bit
  • Air fryer
P.S - I washed my hands and if
you didn't see, I air fryed my 
toast to 5 minutes
and please mute!

A hoot with Kahoot!

Great way to start our day! Congrats to Aleenah, Veronica and Mrs C for their success today...wondering if tomorrows podium may change? Happy Distance Learning Room 8! Am missing all of you and your beautiful smiles!