Thursday, May 21, 2020

Te Rito Toi

Thanks to Stacey and Caitlin from Applied Theatre, Te Rito Toi, Professor Peter O'Connor and Selina Tusitala Marsh for leading, supporting and sharing their wisdom and creative ideas.

This week in Room 8 we DITCHED DIGITAL to focus on the Arts for meaning making and the renewal of hope. As Peter O'Connor says "Grounded in Papatūānuku, Te Rito Toi is at the centre and soul of healing, for even amongst the chaos of seasonal transitions, elemental effects and changes, Te Rito remains strong as the heart of the kōrari (harakeke).

 Our focus over the past week has been building 'My Why' Poem (Selina Tusitala Marsh) and a drama around the Tale 'The Green Children' (University Melbourne).

 This week;

I have heard laughter, discussion, chat and the sharing of personal insight...

I have seen smiles, collaboration, compassion and determination...

I have felt a sense of belonging and pride.

I see our Hope Soar and I feel our are Souls Healing!

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Shiny Day

Another day to Zhuzh... this was a challenge from our in-school juniors! We had to come to school/hangout in our 'shiny' or in other words 'sparkly' stuff! Thanks to all of you who participated! We had sparkly clothes, hats, ornaments and even a shiny foil face mask! BUT ...drum roll------ the winner was.... Harley!
Thanks Harley (and Mum) for making us all smile! What a treat for us to have a countdown and then the Great Illumination!!

Direction, position and Orientation During Lockdown

Hangouts can be tricky so there is always a need to Zhuzh them up.
Yesterday was Oral language Zhuzh day... I speak, you draw and I hope like heck my directions are understandable!
It was fun and I'm thinking successful as the drawings were fairly close to the oral directions--- not bad for Virtual Listening!
And the winners were: Aleenah and Christian (who also added in perspective!)

We also had some other great instruction followers: Mrs Collins (who was also our Judge and Jury)

Mo'ona, Summer and Kyle! Thanks for sharing your work and listening so carefully to all those instructions!

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Caring For Our Environment At Home

What could be better... caring for our place and having fun at the same time! Well done Ripata Whanau!