Thursday, May 7, 2020

Shiny Day

Another day to Zhuzh... this was a challenge from our in-school juniors! We had to come to school/hangout in our 'shiny' or in other words 'sparkly' stuff! Thanks to all of you who participated! We had sparkly clothes, hats, ornaments and even a shiny foil face mask! BUT ...drum roll------ the winner was.... Harley!
Thanks Harley (and Mum) for making us all smile! What a treat for us to have a countdown and then the Great Illumination!!


  1. Well done, Room 8 and congratulations to Harley and mum. Good on you Ms George. I really want to be in Room 8 right now to show my bling bling dress lol ... stay safe everyone!

  2. You look like "The Grinch" Harley...but you have brought SO much joy! Tino Pai.

  3. you looked cool harley and bright and youremind me of christmas bye!