Thursday, May 7, 2020

Direction, position and Orientation During Lockdown

Hangouts can be tricky so there is always a need to Zhuzh them up.
Yesterday was Oral language Zhuzh day... I speak, you draw and I hope like heck my directions are understandable!
It was fun and I'm thinking successful as the drawings were fairly close to the oral directions--- not bad for Virtual Listening!
And the winners were: Aleenah and Christian (who also added in perspective!)

We also had some other great instruction followers: Mrs Collins (who was also our Judge and Jury)

Mo'ona, Summer and Kyle! Thanks for sharing your work and listening so carefully to all those instructions!


  1. Great job Christian and Aleenah - you followed the instructions very carefully and produced an awesome picture! What was the trickiest part for you both?

  2. Hi there Room 8, I have to say the results published here on your class blog show some very good listeners. Following instructions sounds simple but in practice can be quite tricky. Congratulations Aleenah and Christian.

  3. hello rm 8 i say you guys are the best listeners and following instructions good job and keep up bubye!