Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Very Cranky Bear

As part of our Drama study Room 8 were given the task of adding on the next chapter in the story...

The stories generated were amazing but there was one stand out in class. For those who know the story I hope you enjoy this next (pretend) chapter for this charming book, where friendship and kindness wins the day... yet again!

The Inconsiderate Lumberjack

In the Jingle Jangle Jungle the rain cleared away. 
Four tenacious animals finally finished their game.
Then there was a crash, a loud deafening shout.
Moose looked out and wondered what that ruckus was about.
Then they all saw it, a rather horrid sight.
A man in, rather large, was felling trees with delight!
Sheep went to him and asked to stop destroying her home.
The man laughed then followed up with trying to grind her to mere bones.
Moose, Lion and Zebra pleaded for him to stop toppling trees.
Again he laughed, but then continued with his scheme.
Lion then got an idea to drive the man away.
He planned to wake the Bear, to send him into the fray.
So he, along with Zebra, Sheep and Moose woke up the Bear. 
Sheep found a leash and took him to the man, in hopes that he’d be scared.
Sure enough, it worked and the man ran away.
Sheep then took the Bear back to bed, 
Then they, all four, played a new cool game.

The End (Hopefully)

Many thanks to Nick Bland for his wonderful contribution to children's literacy and to Kevin in Room 8 for sharing his amazing insight into life!

Thursday, July 4, 2019


What is it? Our wonderful Mrs Gawith presented this mummified creature today. Without letting out any information she described the anatomy and why certain structures would be important for the adaptation of the creature to its environment. Mrs Gawith also described the creatures adaptation to its environment and how/why it was a pest to NZ. She then got out a pelt to show us what it looked like prior to mummification. A POSSUM! It was a Possum! Our lovely Heneliena was brave enough to not only hold the possum but also wear its pelt.