Thursday, July 4, 2019


What is it? Our wonderful Mrs Gawith presented this mummified creature today. Without letting out any information she described the anatomy and why certain structures would be important for the adaptation of the creature to its environment. Mrs Gawith also described the creatures adaptation to its environment and how/why it was a pest to NZ. She then got out a pelt to show us what it looked like prior to mummification. A POSSUM! It was a Possum! Our lovely Heneliena was brave enough to not only hold the possum but also wear its pelt.


  1. ohh, I would Never touch that possum, So she was Brave to do it.
    Keep up the Good Work!!!

  2. Hi Rm 8,
    My name is Timu attending St Pius X catholic School. I would NEVER touch that possum and that girl was very brave to touch it, hahaha keep up the good work guys.

    Kind Regards,Timu