Friday, August 27, 2021

He Tried to Walk on Water By Aleenah

 A Failed Adventurer's Journey: Article from the NZ Herald

Another article has been read, and now it was about a man who tried to walk on water in Florida. Reza Baluchi, an ex-cyclist decided to use his extra time and a thousands dollars to create a hydro-pod in an ambition to travel from St Augustine, Florida to New York and possibly the Gulf Stream by WALKING ON THE WATER for 140 km. Though his journey was cut short due to his GPS cables being missing. Now, I was tasked into creating a map to show the journey of this failed adventurer. Underneath this text you will be able to see his planned voyage and where he stopped.

Modes Of Transportation

Another task was to research other unique transportation services used around the world. I had found three that created very strong feelings from me. Though most of them I had found really funny. They must really know what fun means. 

Vaccination Time-By Augustine

 Vaccination time

Lockdown is hard, but testing and getting vaccinated will help us get out of lockdown quickly, and during lockdown I got something that will help me to protect myself, family and other people.

My mum and I wore our masks and just for safety gloves and hopped in the car and drove off. I felt nervous but willing to give it a go. We arrived at the place where I would, just like other adults, get my Covid-19 vaccination. We waited in the car for a few minutes just listening to music. I thought we would stay for a long time but later we got invited by people to walk to the marae. I was given a name tag and walked to where we saw not many people sitting down, probably waiting for their names to be called. 

After 5 - 10 minutes someone called my name and told my mum and I to walk into the marae. We sat down again and waited. Then someone called to sit across from her. She asked me a few questions mostly about my health. After that I was told to sit down and wait again. 

Just after 5 minutes my name was called to get my vaccine. This is the time where I will feel the pain. I sat down and felt nervous. But I knew it wouldn’t be very painful.

I was wrong, when that needle went through my skin I felt aching. I knew that was normal, but then the aching worsened, I almost bit my lip. After that we were told to sit down in a waiting room. I was tired of sitting and waiting. We waited for 15 - 20 minutes just to see if any side effects would occur. Nothing felt painful other then the aching. Finally for the last time we were told something that made me feel so happy, “You could go home now. Thank you”. I got up straight away and walked outside with my mum straight to the car.

What an experience that I hope I won't have again. But this was my first dose and after a few weeks, I will have to come back for the last.

Thursday, August 12, 2021


 Who would have thought the expectation for a book review could be breached and creativity blossom. Asinate and Giselle went over and beyond the expectation of their book review to create a poem about Auggie, a young man with Treacher Collins Syndrome. Todays lesson... never under estimate the power of compassion to drive creativity in our youth!