Friday, August 27, 2021

He Tried to Walk on Water By Aleenah

 A Failed Adventurer's Journey: Article from the NZ Herald

Another article has been read, and now it was about a man who tried to walk on water in Florida. Reza Baluchi, an ex-cyclist decided to use his extra time and a thousands dollars to create a hydro-pod in an ambition to travel from St Augustine, Florida to New York and possibly the Gulf Stream by WALKING ON THE WATER for 140 km. Though his journey was cut short due to his GPS cables being missing. Now, I was tasked into creating a map to show the journey of this failed adventurer. Underneath this text you will be able to see his planned voyage and where he stopped.

Modes Of Transportation

Another task was to research other unique transportation services used around the world. I had found three that created very strong feelings from me. Though most of them I had found really funny. They must really know what fun means. 


  1. Great work Aleenah you have been busy. Stay safe and I hope your family and well. Mrs Thompson

  2. Looking at the transportation services given above, I would choose the party bike because it is much safer and fun too. I would love to ride on that! Good Job Aleenah!
    From Room 2 at Saint Patrick's

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