Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Summer Learning Journey Has a New Format!

 This year the Summer Learning Journey has a different format. Below is a little teaser to try and see if you would like to be a part of this summers adventure!

Kick Start 

Art Colouring Book: choose an image to colour.

Dig Deeper 
    • Upload your Art and a screenshot of the original and label each image.
    • Describe why you chose a different colour for one of the objects in the painting.
    • Watch: create your blog post.

Step It Up 

Art Colouring Book: choose an image to colour.
Use the Zoom Tool Look closely at the original image you chose to colour. What do you see?

Dig Deeper 

    • Upload your Art and a screenshot of the original and label each image.
    • Describe the image using as much detail as you can.
    • Watch: create your blog post.

Monday, November 2, 2020

Mission Day

This year Mission Day was a bit different... instead of stalls we had 'A-thons.' Room 8 had a NZ A-thon where we had to learn 50 places in NZ over a 2 week period. Our knowledge was then tested on Mission Day. As a school and community, we raised a lot of money for the Holy Angels Orphanage in India. We hope we are able to help and support them as this year has been extremely hard for countries like India where the pandemic has been particularly ruthless. 

 As part of our day we had a raffle which was drawn just before we left to go home. 

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Apple Crumble Time

The wonderful smell of apple crumble cooking was enough to have anyones mouth water! 
Room 8 Yr 8's did a great job of creating a crumble recipe to make if you have 'unexpected' guests. 
Delicious and fast to make! 

Their next design brief is... Your local school is holding a Gala for a swimming pool and all of the landscaping and fencing. You have been asked to supply a loaf to be sold at the Gala...
They must also design the packaging for the baked loaf. 

Let's see how we go next week!! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Aroha's Role on the Wall

What were the external factors that affected the way Aroha felt on the inside? How was she able to cope with the fears that tied her where she stood? It took us a few days of discussion and a few colour changes of pastel, to lay it all out---giving us the language we needed to express ourselves through 'Aroha' and the written word.

The darker written words are the negative forces and feelings while the bright colours are the positive forces and more optimistic feelings. 

Giselle reads her poem and the class gasps...


Aroha's Unique Way


In a world where I live, perfection is all it is

Beautiful white smiles, no hair looking wild

All boys slick hair and games

All girls dressing the same

Everyone being perfect and pleasant  

but no one is

being who they are and different


I stand up and try to be different 

put uniqueness in peoples


but just one look 

the protest starts

A world against one

 I close my eyes and give up

that one heart is now done

she becomes the same just like all

a perfect world with no one appalled

walking home her smile dropped, her heart broken down and popped

she rips the bows off her hair, wipes off the make up with her tears

looking at the mirror she sees the girl she once was

her heart had that little warm fuzz

the next morning

she wore what she wants she didn't dress the same 

  like a type of font

Once again its a world against one

she looks at all and says

you don't have to be perfect and the same

the world looks at me with so much shame

but Aroha knows

she doesn't need a tweak she's perfect the way she is and 

she is


By Giselle

(a poem in response to Aroha's Way and our work with 

Te Rito Toi)