Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Pilot Practicum

A big thanks to our students Akira, Caitlin, Maria and Sarah! Practicums can be hard at the best of times but doing it online, following a brief, must have been extremely tricky. However, the biggest test of all, when designing activities, is the activation with the chosen audience. On Tuesday, the last week of term, Room 8 Delta's had the pleasure of testing out a Site and activities made specifically for them with the actual designers!

I think when you hear comments like, "I don't want to go to lunch, I want to keep playing this game" and "When I heard the students were coming in I was scared as I didn't think I would understand but when I asked them to break it down they did and now I understand and it's easy and fun!"
The other students in class were a bit miffed they weren't able to participate in the fun and learning... THAT is truely the sign of a successful lesson! Not to worry they will get a chance next term!
Well done, Akira, Caitlin, Maria and Sarah!

When you have other teachers in your classroom it's a wonderful opportunity to learn and see a different perspective. Teaching is a collaborative profession and I'm so glad we had the opportunity to support, share and benefit from this great opportunity!
Many thanks to Akira, Caitlin, Maria and Sarah!

Hoping you can all visit Rm 8 again!

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Science @ Technocraft

Nothing like finishing off the term with some real specimens! Yr 8's found out all about the importance of docking our sheep... all because of flies! Class were in shock!
And then along came the mummified possum!

Art @ Technocraft

Our last day of our Yr 7's doing Art at Pakuranga Intermediate. The focus this term was on contrast, tint and tone! Some amazing pieces of art... hoping some of them might be left at school for our class walls. Fingers crossed!

Science and Measuring

The importance of measuring for success especially in science experiments. Measuring according to ml on a beaker and a measuring spoon... 2 different applications but same measurement system. How has the level of the beakers changed since adding the contents of the spoon? What about the coloration of your liquids? So many things to consider and comment on using scientific observation and language.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Practicum Problems

The gift of Covid has allowed our universities to rethink learning and practise. Room 8 has had the privilege of having four future teachers work with us, assisting our learning by designing activities to support our understanding of LCM in fractions. These wonderful students have built a Google Site which includes quirky video instructions, games, fun worksheets and interactive quizzes. Also included is a feedback form for the students to fill in. With the thought and preparation that has gone into their Site I feel our future generations will be in good hands! This coming week Room 8 will test drive the Site and hopefully get to meet the creators!

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Drama to Rebuild and Heal

Room 8 has just completed a piece of Drama through Te Rito Toi as part of our coming back to school following Covid 19. We ditched our devices for a few weeks and focussed on Drama to re-build our relationships (face to face), to speak without speaking and to share without sharing... in reality to Heal! By using Drama, specifically set around the tale 'The Green Children' we were able to address our fears, concerns and beliefs and relate these not only to ourselves but also to current events/issues the world is facing today.

And now there is a rash...

More news has been reported from another family in the village...