Thursday, April 23, 2020

Something is Very Different!

School starts differently today!
Augustine Ripata

Today, my siblings and I got ready for one of the weirdest day of our lives. We changed in appropriate clothes,  brushed our teeth, and had breakfast. Then, as soon as it struck 9:00am, school for us started at home. I know what you are saying: 'Why is there school during lock down?' Well, the school I go to (I know most schools are doing this) have classes online. My siblings and I started school at home by doing work on paper and electronic device. My class has a daily time table and here it is:

I can do all the activities shown on the timetable or some, but I wanted to complete them all.

Today was weird, it was weird for me because I never had school at home. I think this is the first time in school's history that this happened. It was also pretty weird to talk and see my friends, my teacher, and my principal at their homes through google hangouts. 

I completed all the activities for today, and I am very happy that I have done it. 

I am looking forward to work some more tomorrow, and to hangout again with my teacher and my friends.

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  1. Hi there Augustine, I love your positivity. I can feel it when I read your blog, School Starts Differently Today. Thank you for sharing your lockdown routine and your feelings about learning from home. Awesome job!