Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Who knew how relaxing yachting during the school day could be. Today, Room 8 had an amazing day out on the water thanks to Yachting NZ, Zhik, Volvo, Lions Foundation and Rotary. Have a look through all of our personal Blogs for more photos and stories about the day.


  1. Kia Ora Room 8,
    My name is Dianne and I am a year 7 student attending St Pius Catholic School.

    Did you have a great time sailing? because I remember that I went to Sailing with my class in room 5.

    What was your favourite thing about going to sailing?

    Kind Regards,

  2. Hi Room 8,
    My name is Timu year 8 student attending St Pius X Catholic School. I really think that you guys were having fun at the sailing..

    Kind Regards,

  3. Hi room 8.

    My name is Sateki from Sain pius X catholic school, I remember when I went to sailing. It was about last year and we had a great time there. I would like to see more of your guys posts.

    Kind Regards


  4. Hi Room 8,
    My name is George and I am a year 8 student attending St Pius X Catholic School, that looks really fun and I hope you guys had a great time. I wish I was there to sail as well, it is also good to go on a hot day.

  5. Malo E Lelei Room 8,
    I'm Sia and I attend St Pius X Catholic School as a year 8 student. That looks scary but very exciting at the same time! I remember when my class went! Just a few years ago. I'm wondering if you learned any skills from your trip.

    Blessed Weekend,

  6. Hi Room 8,
    My name is Christopher I'm a year 7 student at St Pius X Catholic school. I hope you guys had a great time because last year I went sailing and it was amazing. But how did you guys feel when you guys went sailing? What was your favourite part about sailing? But besides that hope you guys had a marvelous day sailing.

    Kind Regards

  7. Hi room 8,
    My name is Laki, I am a year 8 student attending Saint Pius X Catholic School. That is great that you guys had a great time sailing. I wish I could go sailing this year.

    From Laki.

  8. Hi room 8

    My name is Charis, Im a year 7 and I attend St Pius X school, I love how you had a good time but maybe you could add some more info because did you do any games, activities or any other things but anyway you did a good blog post, fantastic job and maybe you could one day teach me how to sail, keep it up and make sure you drive you own learning,