Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Roneeza's Diary entry...

This is a piece of writing in the form of a diary entry based on a book called Mophead by Selina Tusitala Marsh
Dear Diary,
My gosh, I hate the kids at my school. I want to ask my parents if I could move schools but they'll ask why. I don't want them to get involved with all the bullying happening outside of home. It's annoying... Oh no, mum said the principal had called her to say that we had to go back to school and have a Restorative Justice meeting, whatever that means... We were the first to arrive. A few minutes of waiting later my bully (the one whose patronised me the most and the longest and says the meanest retorts) comes in with her parents and sits across from us. My bully and I made eye contact, and just when I thought someone was about to speak, the principal opened her office door, welcomed both families, thanked us for coming to the meeting, and invited us inside her office. It was pretty cramped and the cold, dense atmosphere made me feel like a person diagnosed with claustrophobia. Then the Restoration Meeting began... My parents and I have jut come back from the extremely long meeting. When I first heard about the meeting I had thought my bully (Regina George) had made up another lie so that the principal could tell my parents about it, but, no. I later found out we were there to discuss the bullying that's been going on. We talked and I shared about my experiences I've had with the countless bullying. The pair on the other side of the room apologised on behalf of her daughter, and then she apologised. I accepted their apology, but didn't forgive them. I don't think I'm ready to forgive Regina and the rest of her followers yet. Until next time, dear diary... 

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