Saturday, March 23, 2019

Sharing the Love During Lent

Lent it is a time to cleanse our hearts, to release ourselves from greed, almsgiving and in that respect to share. After Room 8's fabulous St Patrick's Day they had a job to do. They wanted to give, not only their time, but also their playdough! An invite was sent to our beautiful Room 2 children to come and join us for some tuakana teina time. When the children arrived they were a little shy but at the end they felt right at home! We farewelled Room 2, sending them home with a large bag of green playdough for next weeks learning adventure. Thanks Room 2 and we are looking forward to more tuakana teina time.


  1. Hi room 8, My name is Kayla I am a year 8 girl at Saint Patrick's school Greymouth. I liked the way you gave lots of information about what you did, I also liked how you spent time with the juniors of your school! I don't have any helpful next time you could... Because this post was awesome!

    Blog ya later

  2. Kiora room 8! Jonathan from St Pats Greymouth here,
    Its great to see that the room 2 kids felt at home and to see them feeling secure and safe. Its good to have some Tuakana Teina time.

  3. Hi Room 8 ,
    My name is Sione and I attend St Pius x school. I really like how you guys are helping all the little kids . Keep up the good work .

    Best wishes .