Thursday, March 14, 2019

This week Xavier represented St Patrick's School at a Manaiakalani admin meeting where he shared a presentation about the Fencibles. He was part of a collaborative group who used Google Slides to create an animation. Check it out and consider how many hours it would have taken the group to create!


  1. Hi there. I really liked the way how everything looked like it was actually moving. It looked really effective and that you had spent a lot making it.

  2. Hello! I like how you made an animation about the Fencibles. Also, good job for representing St. Pats in the admin meeting. I suggest you re-check the animation, as there are some slides that are carbon copies of each other.

    Keep up the good work!
    By Kevin (in Japan)

    1. Thanks Kevin. Xavier did a great job and he made sure to tell the audience that it was a collaborative piece of work.
      We hope you are enjoying your holiday and look forward to seeing you back at school!