Monday, February 24, 2020

Leaders @ St Patrick's

Today we celebrated the nomination of our House Leaders and Traffic Safety monitors. Congratulations goes to those students who have shown not only their amazing
leadership skills but also service to the community.

                                               House Leaders:
                                      Rimu: Augustine and George
                                      Rata: Matheus and Aleenah
                                      Totara: Kena and Asinate
                                      Kauri:Anamaria and Summer

                                             Traffic Safety Monitors
                                     Harley, Augustine, Roneeza, 
                                     Aleenah, Veronica, Anamaria


  1. Good morning Rm 8. I hope your first week at school for 2020 was perfect.
    Did you you make any new friends?
    Do you think that this year is better than last year.
    I hope you guys have a great day.

  2. Good morning, I thank you guys for helping us to go home safely, and you guys are amazing, Because you are going home late just to make sure our safety.

  3. Hello Rm 8, I hope you had a successful day. I really like your writing and you made paragraphs, of each moment to tell us what happened.

    yours sincerely