Thursday, February 13, 2020

Science @ Tech

Our first experiment...
Food colouring burst away from the detergent, twisting and turning in the milk. All the colours merged!

Our Conclusion: the detergent splits the up the fat molecules and they shoot around, pushing the food colouring as they go. The detergent splits the molecules into little tiny pieces.

This makes it easier to clean up... or in other words wash the dishes!! 


  1. Hello, I am Te Raiana
    I like your post and I hope you enjoyed your first experiment.

  2. Hi,
    my name is Veronica from St.Patrick's and I would like to say that are you yr 7 are having fun on your first experiment in science class.

  3. Hello, I am George,
    I am sure by now you already know me since I come to the same school as you. It looks like you guys already jumped into some fascinating experiments.
    How was your first experience and how could you reflect on your experiments?
    if you would like to look at my blog it is:
    -God bless you all!