Monday, February 10, 2020

Summer Learning Journey

Today we celebrated the success of our St Patrick's students who were involved in the Summer Learning Journey. As many students luxuriated at the beach or pool these students continued their learning, reading and responding to activities. They were also blogging their work and commenting on the blogs of their peers (also on the same journey). Room 8 would like to congratulate our winner, Roneeza and also our second and third students Anamaria and Ida. Participation went to Augustine, Mo'onia and Aleenah. Well done! Room 8 is so proud of your effort and your positive attitude towards learning!


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  2. Hey Room 8,

    A big congrats to those who had participated in the Summer Learning Journey! and also a congrats to Roneeza and Anamaria as well.

    Therefore, I am sorry for not showing up to claim the prize. It seems as if it would've been weird since I wasn't there and had to get someone else to do it for me in my absence. ( Thanks J for doing it .) but congrats to everyone who had participated into the SLJ and I will see yous this week!!


  3. Hi Saint Patrick's this is me Cherry Anne

    A big congrats to those who had participated the summer learning journey and also congrats to Anamaria and Roneeza as well.

    I miss you guys especially the Year 8 students now and espcially Ms. George next time I'll be their I promise

    Kind Regard,
    Cherry Anne